The Amalfa nursery donates its plant to cemetery of San Filippo del Mela

The Amalfa nursery donates its plant to cemetery of San Filippo del Mela

Solidarity in the time of coronavirus

A prayer and a plant for  dead persons on the occasion of Easter

The ordinances to limit coronavirus infections did not distance us only from friends, relatives and acquaintances, but also from our deceased. Impossible, in these periods, to bring a flower to the grave of our loved ones. Impossible and lacerating not being able to celebrate the funeral of those who leave us.

The idea of ​​donating our plants to the cemetery of San Filippo del Mela, municipality in which the main operating headquarters of the Amalfa nursery is located, was born from these findings.

The proposal was welcomed by the municipal administration, which not only made itself available to facilitate delivery, but also made a commitment to notify parish priests to celebrate, on the occasion, a prayer on behalf of all citizens .

The ceremony

This morning, in front of the main entrance of the cemetery, the moment of prayer took place, in the presence of the mayor, Avv. Gianni Pino, of Don Nunzio Triglia, Don Giuseppe Trifirò and Don Stefano Messina, respectively parish priests of the communities of San Filippo del Mela, Olivarella and Archi.

“The advance of Covid – 19 and the dutiful and stringent quarantine rules – declares Antonino Amalfa, owner of the nursery – have caused profound suffering to the nursery sector. Despite this, as a company operating in the area we felt the need to offer our contribution. Every citizen has a deceased relative who cannot go to visit because of the restrictions. A situation that causes suffering to many. A plant cannot alleviate suffering, but it softens it. It represents, perhaps, a small sign of that “pietas” towards our deceased, which is the basis of life and is a factor of civilization. “

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