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The Production Chain

We take care of our plants at all stages of the supply chain.



The path of the seedlings begins here, in the greenhouses, where our cuttings develop their own root system



Day after day we accompany their growth with constant repotting and ensuring that they are not lacking in water and substances capable of nourishing them



Pruning interventions are carried out at different times of the year, based on the type of plant and the results you intend to achieve



From fields to carts. We carefully select plants ready to be marketed in the fields. Once in the warehouse, they are scrupulously prepared for departure, based on the indications of customers and regional, national and international regulations



The carriers are responsible for taking them to their destination, in Italy and abroad. We export to many countries






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Planting something means believing in tomorrow

When you start to plant something you have to rely on professionals with years of experience to be sure of the result.


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The earth, the sun, the air. Resources we need to preserve

To pursue innovation, you need to focus on sustainability. It is no coincidence that our company has obtained the MPS – ABC certification.



Customer satisfaction

We take care of our plants at all stages of the supply chain

All stages of the production chain are very important. From rooting cuttings to the final clinete, a process that combines respect for the environment and quality.


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It's easy to stay up to date on the topic! If you love to devote your attention to the care of plants you are in the right place. Becoming a real expert has never been easier!

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Sustainability has always been a goal for us to achieve, we are qualified and certified.


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