40 years: a birthday to celebrate!

40 years: a birthday to celebrate!

It ‘s true, 40 years are accomplished only once in life and when it happens you have to party. That day also came for our company and we decided to celebrate it in the way that we thought was the most beautiful: sharing it with you.

The new communication project of the Amalfa Antonino farm was born from this important anniversary, which changes its face and opens up to ” digital “.

Our website www.vivaioamalfa.it is finally online

From these pages, through words,   photos and videos, will show the many faces of a company of a thousand colors, as many as the flowers of the plants lovingly accompany growth.

A story made of numbers and passion

When the company was born 40 years ago, the founder could never have imagined what the path would have been to undertake. Returning to Sicily after a decade lived as an emigrant in Switzerland, he fulfilled his dream of a lifetime: to buy a piece of land in the plain of Milazzo and cultivate it, thus supporting the vocation of the territory. A project he shared with his brother.

At a time when the race for industrialization seemed to dominate, there were still those who, like the Amalfa brothers, were betting on agriculture, helping to save an important slice of the Mamertine territory from depauperizzazione . In those years the plain produced vegetables of all kinds which were then sold in the most important fruit and vegetable markets of Sicily.

Over time, the company grew in size and production capacity, but it also had to deal with the evolution of times and product demand. It was at that point, anticipating an already announced crisis, that the family, meanwhile grown in number, chose to make the great leap, specializing in the production of ornamental plants. The first greenhouse, built in an artisanal way, was used for the cultivation of Bouganvillea . The plants grew luxuriant and it was not complicated to find customers interested in their purchase. The contribution of the second generation is fundamental in this phase, which slowly began to support the first generation, giving the company the momentum needed to look beyond, facing new and exciting challenges.

Today the company produces 15 different species of plants, divided into 41 varieties.

Divided into a central office and several branches, it has almost 15 hectares of land and uses innovative production systems, capable of optimizing resources. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but there is no lack of enthusiasm and desire to grow.

The new challenge: digital communication

Let’s now try to dispel some false myths. It is often thought that those who work with the land have a sort of incompatibility with communication, or even that they do not need to “communicate”. The reality is quite different.

Communication is the basis of any sales process.

What makes the difference, however, is the type of communication. In the past, the main showcase for our products was the sector fairs. With the other flower nursery colleagues, the opportunity to be present with their plants in the most important annual events organized in Italy and abroad was not missed. Even today the fairs represent an essential appointment, especially for those who love to listen to the needs of their customers and our plants are present every year at the usual appointment with IPM ESSEN and, with the Milazzo Flora consortium members, at the My Plant and Garden fair in Milan.

It is undeniable, however, how the web and social media have, in the last decade, gained a fundamental role.

Digital communication: our new challenge.

And since we like challenges, we have launched into this too. The aim of cameras is to immortalize plants, to our expert communicators that of giving voice to our thoughts, translating into words what we do every day. Finally, the most important mission to the network: to spread them. Because everyday life is the true calling card of our company. That hard-working everyday life made of effort, sweat, disappointment, laughter, experimentation and why not, even mistakes.

Communication works if you have something to tell.

Have you ever tried to tell something without having the right inspiration? The result is inevitably catastrophic. On the contrary, we believe we have a lot to talk about. In our stories we will follow the seasons, we will try to give advice on the care of plants, we will talk to you about people, those people who with their professionalism help us to grow more and more every day.

Our birthday party is ready, we just have to share it with you!

Follow us on our website www.vivaioamalfa.it , but also on Facebook and Instagram!

From today let’s start walking together!

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