MIMOSA “Les Gaulois” da innesto

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Description: Grevillea Tamboritha is an evergreen and ground cover Mediterranean plant belonging to the Proteaceae family. The narrow leaves are gray-green in color and give the plant a soft appearance. The curved red flowers, with cream-colored shades, persist from autumn to late spring. Ground: It grows preferably in well-drained...



Description: Large evergreen shrub, characteristic of the Mediterranean scrub, commonly known as “Strawberry tree”. It is used for ornamental purposes due to the beautiful bright green foliage, which takes on reddish shades in the autumn. The flowers, hermaphrodite, are present from October to March in the terminal part of...



Description: Climbing plant with a shrub habit of the Nyctaginacee family. Originally from Brazil, it has fickle stems, often thorny, and semi-evergreen, oval, light bright green leaves, used heart-shaped. The flowers are tiny, tubular, white or cream, but they are subtended by large colored bracts, typically fuchsia pink. There...